Chinese Students and Scholars Association at UW-Madison

More than 20 years from its foundation, Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) has doubtlessly established itself as the most active and influential Chinese student organization on the UW-Madison campus. We take great pride in our contribution to the promotion of the cultural exchange between Chinese culture and other cultures, as well as the promotion of the cultural diversity of the Madison community. From the first day it was founded, CSSA has aimed to build a prosperous community that will consist of not only Chinese students and scholars, but also those with other ethnic backgrounds who have an interest in Chinese tradition and culture.

After years of endeavors by the founders and the successors, CSSA has become the leading group in promoting the Chinese culture and tradition. Take the gala of Spring Festival as the example. This annual event, which is open to all UW-Madison students and faculty for free, consisting various kinds of shows, such as traditional and modern dances, singing and talk show. It has been held successfully for more than 20 years at the Memorial Union of the UW-Madison. This event has become so popular that the Chinese students, scholars, and their families have long taken it for granted as an opportunity for union and feast. Nowadays, more and more U.S families enjoy this annual show; many of them even participate in the performances. Other traditional activities of CSSA include the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival).

There is no doubt that these activities have benefited the Chinese people by adding to their life excitement and communal feelings. By showcasing Chinese culture and tradition, they also, and maybe more importantly, benefited the Madison community as a whole. It should be specially noted, however, that we have not made these achievements all alone. Instead, we owe many thanks to several university administration offices, such as Associated Students of Madison, International Student and Scholar Services, and Registered Student Organization Office, and many other local organizations and individuals, such as Madison Chinese Language Society, to name a few.